Top 10 Petrol Saving Tips That You Need to Know


With petrol prices fluctuating faster than your weight, it’s time to be proactive in other ways to save petrol. Here are several ways for you to shave some of your petrol cost off:

1. Do not leave your engine idling

For every two minutes, you leave your car idle, you are consuming the same amount of petrol that could allow you to travel as far as 1km. This is bad enough for those who live the city where traffic congestion is a daily occurrence.

The next time you are waiting for someone, turn your engine off. Leaving your engine idle does not only waste petrol, it is also releasing unnecessary harmful emissions. So, be kind your wallet and the environment by reducing idling whenever and wherever you can.

2. Pump up your tyres

How often do you check the inflation of your tyres? It is not only dangerous to drive with tyres that are under-inflated, it can also affect your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. The reason under-inflated tyres waste more petrol is that they create too much traction, and thus need more petrol to get them going. However, over-inflating your tyres can be dangerous. Check your tyres’ inflation regular.

3. Get your car serviced

Research suggests that fuel economy can be sustained through proper vehicle maintenance. Even if your vehicle is old, it won’t affect your fuel efficiency if you care about your vehicle well.

If you can’t remember when was the last time you serviced your vehicle, it’s time to book an appointment with the workshop now. Set a reminder on your phone to ensure you never miss your service appointment again.

4. Plan your journeys

Make use of free GPS apps such as Waze and Google Maps when you are driving. Using GPS will help you plan your journeys effectively so you won’t make a wrong turn and waste precious fuel. Learn the route to the destination before starting your journey to avoid getting lost and being stuck in traffic. Circling round and round looking for your destination can make a huge difference to your petrol consumption, so it’s worth planning your route before you leave home.

5. Get the Petronas Reloadable Gift Card

PETRONAS Gift Card is a reloadable card that allows you to fuel up your tank just like how you did it with a credit card. The only thing that is different with this card is that now, you can get a 5% saving when you purchase the card via Lazada portal. Save RM5 instantly when you buy a Petronas Reloadable Gift card that worths up to RM100 of petrol. PETRONAS Gift Card is also a perfect gift for your friends and family who need to be on the go. Get the PETRONAS Reloadable Gift Card with a discount today! Not available at the moment.

6. Use petrol loyalty card

A penny saved is a penny earned, which why arming yourself with the right petrol brand loyalty card can help you maximise your petrol dollar simply. The best way to find the best petrol brand loyalty card that gives you the most is to, first of all, find a petrol brand that you regularly pump from. For example, a petrol brand with the nearest station to your home or workplace. Then you can narrow it down to how much you need to spend to earn points and what is the value of the points. Petrol loyalty card such as the Petron Miles card also gives you additional discounts and privileges from other merchants.

7. Use the right credit card

If you spend a lot on petrol, it’s time to get yourself the right credit card to cut your fuel cost every month. The best petrol cost saving credit card should give you good cashback or rewards points on your petrol spending at the petrol brand that you purchase from. Some cards only offer cashback or points at certain petrol brands, while cards like Maybank 2 Cards American Express do not restrict the petrol brand and it allows you to earn 5x TreatPoints every day and an additional 5% cashback on weekends.

8. Drive manual transmissions vehicle

According to Budget Direct, manual transmissions save drivers between 5% and 15% on their fuel costs. The reason for this is because manual transmission engines tend to be less complex, weigh less (weight savings = fuel savings), and have more gears than automatics (which lets you optimize on fuel savings). Although there are exceptions to the rule, manual cars do help you save fuel and they also tend to be cheaper than their automatic counterparts, and require less maintenance, which will save you money in the long run.

9. Check out petrol price Malaysia prediction every Friday

This method is probably not suitable for everyone, but still being practised by many people in Malaysia. Check out the prediction of the latest petrol price in Malaysia every Friday evening. If the petrol price is going to rise for the following week, you will still be able to fill up your tank with “cheaper” petrol before 12 AM the next day. This method is probably more suitable for bigger tank vehicle like lorries due to the large tank capacity of the vehicle itself.

10. Cars that save petrol

Today’s vehicles owe a lot of their fuel economy to their higher compression ratios. These days, car manufacturers strive to improve their vehicles’ engines in terms of fuel consumption so that drivers can get more mileage for less fuel. Check out the top 29 petrol saving car under and above RM100,000 that is available in Malaysia.

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