Top 15 Most Popular Cars in Malaysia For Under RM100,000


Most Popular Cars in Malaysia

Here is a list of the most popular cars in Malaysia. The cars featuring in the top 5 popular list are Honda City 2018, Perodua Myvi 2018, Perodua Axia 2018, Proton Saga 2018, and Perodua Bezza.

Are you looking for cars that save petrol in Malaysia? Here is the list of the most fuel-efficient cars in Malaysia.

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Here are the Most Popular cars in Malaysia for under RM100,000:

  1. Honda City 2018 – Price from RM71,648
  2. Perodua Myvi 2018 – Price from RM41,807
  3. Perodua Axia 2018 – Price from RM22,621
  4. Proton Saga 2018 – Price from RM33,591
  5. Perodua Bezza – Price from RM33,503
  6. Toyota Hilux – Price from RM82,326
  7. Honda Jazz – Price from RM68,422
  8. Toyota Vios – Price from RM70,752
  9. Toyota Avanza – Price from RM66,241
  10. Honda BR-V – Price from RM78,516
  11. Ford Ranger – Price from RM78,910
  12. Kia Picanto 2018 – Price from RM47,079
  13. Proton Persona – Price from RM42,318
  14. Nissan Almera – Price from RM64,639
  15. Perodua Alza – Price from RM47,797

Here is another list of Most Popular Cars in Malaysia, and who drives them:

This is a chat posted on Lowyat forum (joke or truth?)

  1. Perodua Myvi – Right lane hogger but stuck at 100km/h
  2. Perodua Axia – Just got a license
  3. Honda City – Fresh grad
  4. Honda CRV – Aunty who thinks the road is hers
  5. Honda HRV – Cannot afford CRV
  6. Proton (any) – Kuli
  7. Toyota Vios – Unker dad insist on Toyota
  8. Toyota Hilux – You don’t give me the way I bang u
  9. Mazda (any) – Millenials
  10. Mercedes – Unker/aunty who thinks anywhere is parking
  11. BMW – MLM agents

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